A Year of [R]Evolution | 2016

Happy 2016 Everyone! I have missed you all so much. ❤


The new year is always a great time to  sit back and reflect on all the amazing things you have accomplished, to consider some of the obstacles you may have had, and to draw up the plans on what you want to do and BE this year.




Every year is a chance to make your mark in this world and I am looking at it not only as an evolution but also a revolution in my thinking.  It has been a roller coaster year of successes and failures that have all helped me to see who I am as a blogger. Life has come into focus with a clarity that I have not had before. I am heading into 2016 with a new perspective and heartfelt resolutions:

  1. Be Myself – Everyone else is already taken.
    When I started this blog – I studied up on so many other amazing bloggers. Looking at their style, their content, their images and language. People are fascinating and we all have much to say. This year is a year to branch out and try new things and speak with my own voice.
  2. Think outside the box.
    Not only do I want to add color and patterns to my wardrobe, I want to add color to my life and the life of others. Whether that is through random acts of kindness, volunteering, or mentoring – this WILL be a year of change. A change to my approach with family, my career and my friends. My excitement just cannot be contained!DSC_0495
  3. Travel – See the world or just my backyard.
    I always think of “travel’ as someplace far far away – maybe in some magical kingdom somewhere or Europe. (lol) Sometimes we take the places close by for granted.  There are people that travel from all the corners of this earth just to experience what I luckily have close by. Its time to enjoy home court more than I have in the past and share the stories of the world.
  4. Be Present.
    Living in the present is actually harder than it sounds. I am typically so busy running around with my phone in my hand or shooting out an email that I don’t stop to just look at the blessings that I have. This year, I just want to stop, actively listen, appreciate, and meet new people. We are surrounded by inspiration and wonder – why not take it all in?


There are so many other accomplishments and goals to set – but as we say in the business – it is a rolling change.



Either way – make sure that this year is a year of happiness and positive vibes!
Life is just wayyyyy too short.

Thanks so much by for stopping by and reading!

Top | Sam Edelman Plaid Shirt , Similar Here
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Shoes | Diba Pilot Bootie
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Author: Jackie

A marketing professional and lover of all things fashion and style, blogging on nights and weekends.

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  1. Jackie! You rock. Enough said. The blog is beautiful, the photographs are amazing, you still have that awesome smile, and the clothes and advice are worth coming back every time. ♡

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