It’s My Birthday + I’ll Blog if I Want To!


I cannot believe that today is my birthday… where does the time go? I am officially 21 again and still loving life. All my friends and co-workers know that I love birthdays, but it’s always more fun when I get to plan for someone else. Read More

Galabration | Elle To Shea + Rose Gold


Galabration: (n) a reconnection and celebration with a gal pal 

The blogosphere is a smaller world than I could have ever imagined. While keeping up with other fashion and style blogs, I also explore and read other genres such as travel and Do It Yourself (DIY) blogs. It was during this time that I came across Elle to Shea, a DIY blog run by Joshelle based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Plum Happy + Pardon My French


Bonjour! Happy Saturday night. It has been a long work week with travel built in but it is nice to be home again.

Recently, I was inspired by this ‘Pardon my French’ chenille sweatshirt. It is a fun nod to Paris (which I love), but it is also a soft and comfortable option for everyday wear.  Read More